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Meetings and events


Living landscapes

We are a unique hotel dressing meetings and celebrations with the beautiful colours of the horizon. We believe that at the center of all moments spent together at ours are the uniqueness of food and the moments experienced by the views from our forest spa. We are not a destination for a party of hundreds, but a multifaceted experience, where versatile groups can gather from smaller meetings of 4-14 to events of up to 80 people, taking advantage of the whole restaurant.

Packages that make meetings different

Meeting packages

You can enjoy meetings at ours by combining different experiences.

Breaking Dawn 50€ per person
Meetings in the morning are strength in their efficiency. The meeting includes venue hire, breakfast delivered to the meeting room as well as coffee and tea for the meeting. You may pick Eggs Benedict, prepared by our kitchen, to be part of the breakfast. Minimum 6 people, room reserved for 3 hours.

Mid-day Butterfly 65€ per person
When you want to take advantage of the day more broadly, you should enjoy it with lunch. The package includes venue hire, three-course lunch delivered to the meeting room as well as tea and coffee for the meeting. Minimum 6 people, room reserved for 3 hours.

Full-day Fox 157 € per person
A full day on Tahko offered perfect and versatile, centred around fabulous food. The package includes venue hire, light lunch, surprise dinner menu as well as tea and coffee for the meeting. Minimum 6 people, room reserved for the whole day.

Eagle of Everything 196 € per person
The Panorama experience is complete only when the guests have been able to take advantage of the sauna experience at Lähde Forest Spa and its pools. The package includes venue hire, lunch, surprise dinner menu, access to the spa as well as tea and coffee for the meeting. Minimum 6 people, room reserved for the whole day.

Versatility of spaces

Meeting and event venues

Versatility is our asset and source of pride. We cannot expand the space, but we can expand our thinking. Imagine what you could create within these quarters!

Meeting room with a view
The view of the horizon, flooding through the large windows of our meeting room, ensures that it provides with wonderful experiences. In this space, you can arrange a dinner of 12 people, host a meeting of 14 people or arrange a yoga day for 10 people. The area of the room is 28 square metres.

Restaurant hall
The hall of Havu Kitchen & Bar shines like a jewel. In its elegance, it is influential and calm. In the restaurant room, combined with the drawing room with a fireplace, you can host a cocktail event for up to 150 people, a sit-down dinner for up to 80 people or a meeting for 80 people by an incredible landscape.

Meeting in a suite
For example, our suite Moose is splendid for meetings of some 10 people, where privacy and tranquility are priorities. By all views. The space is 49 square metres large.

At the gates of horizon

Technology at events

The events can be supported through different technological solutions offered by our venues.

Genelec sound system
Beautiful and influential sound system supports you in creating memorable meetings and events. You can dial into an online meeting or bring your own music to the event. You can take advantage of the sound system in the meeting room, restaurant hall and suites.

NovoTouch meeting technology
In our meeting room, you can find a 79-inch touch screen that you can use to give presentations or connect to other media. The screen can be used as a white board or you can use different applications to arrange online meetings or group projects. You can connect your own device wirelessly to the system through Novoconnect.

Other spaces
Also other spaces can be furnished with separate screens and a projector.

01 Meeting room floor plan
01 Meeting room floor plan
02 Meeting rooms
02 Meeting rooms
03 Meeting accommodation
03 Meeting accommodation

Little Christmas – reborn

Little Christmas can be different and more genuine. At Panorama Landscape Hotel’s Little Christmas celebration the head chef Kim Mustonen’s Little Christmas menus are in focus. Magic to the event is provided by Lähde Forest Spa, whose all three saunas and pools are located outside.

You can combine different elements to suit your preference.

Wonderful wine cellar

Whether you are visiting us for a meeting or celebration, our wine cellar is an intimate and secluded experience. It is located underground, surrounded by natural rock. Wines are carefully stored in the cellar.

In the cellar, maximum 12 people can participate in a tasting. Wine Tasting from 50€ per person, including hors d´œuvres with the wine.

Passion foor food

All our delicacies are created respecting our acumen and landscape. They are interesting combinations and delightfully distinct. It is worth putting effort into your guests. Our head chef Kim Mustonen has brought inventiveness to lunch and surprise to dinners. The vision of the nationally recognised Head Chef of the Year is a big part of both meetings and celebrations.

Panorama Landscape Hotel

This is how you book a meeting or arrange an event
We will soon offer an online booking system for all our meeting packages. For now, the best way
to book an event with us is to email us at


Get to know our venue
The completion of the works at our hotel approaches day by day. You can already tour the venue with a guide. Please contact us at to arrange a tour on the top of Tahko.

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