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Havu Kitchen & Bar

The infinity of food.

Havu Kitchen & Bar represents Scandinavian purity that meets the Eastern taiga. In the morning, we wake up with the sun, serving breakfast, thereafter taking you to lingering moments over lunch and finish off by bringing to the dinner table all the beauty and know-how we have. We take the time to be special.

Please make a table reservation before arrival.

January 2024

Wednesday – Friday 17 – 22
Saturdays 11 – 22.

From 12th of February, 2024 on

Daily 8 – 22

01 Dining moments
01 Dining moments
02 Kim Mustonen
02 Kim Mustonen
03 Lunch
03 Lunch
Restaurant of emotions

Havu Kitchen & Bar brings moments to the evenings that charm by their joy and are full of surprise. On the top of Tahko dances a great flame that blows taste to our kitchen. We take the time to be special. The dinner memories created by us are, hence, more delicate and beautiful.

In the morning, we turn the day on by breakfast, who everyone is welcomed to enjoy. Tranquility is manifested in long-cooked porridge, pure smoothie bowls and season’s specialties, such as autumnal pear juice.


Nights at ours flame and sparkle.

We have two unique Surprise menus – 6 courses 89€ and 4 courses 69€.  You can also upgrade your menu with season’s specialties. Reservation required.

Our cellar wines show off our courage, our wine menu our wit. Alcohol free drinks packages charm by their inventiveness. Even our water is pumped from the depths of the Tahko mountain.


Our lunch menus are prepared with a pinch of the classic. You can pick an experience of multiple courses and bring you on-piste lunch experience to the level found in the Alps. Our lunch menu changes weekly and includes fish, meat and vegetarian options. Lunch is finished with dessert and coffee.

Havu Lunch 47 €. You can also upgrade your lunch with season’s ingredients. We also serve bistro menu, which can be enjoyed at the lobby or restaurant.
Daily 12 – 17, starting in February.


Breakfast by the horizon lingers and strives for perfection. The breakfast designed by our head chef includes warm plates cooked to order, natural purity, local specialties and beauty. Breakfast can be enjoyed brunching or admiring the sun’s first beams in the morning. Please book a table for breakfast.

Havu Morning 34 € 
Starting in December, Tuesday – Saturday 8 – 11.


34-year-old Kim Mustonen has travelled the world working in different kitchens at a breathtaking pace. The winner of the head chef series of the PRO awards in January has already worked in Helsinki, London, New York, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Seoul, Sydney and latest in Nice.

His journey to Tahko, thus, was not direct. For sure, Kim, who also has explored the nearby forests, has once lived in Nurmes, too. Now the power of cosmopolitanism meets domestic inventiveness at Havu Kitchen & Bar.

“I am excited to partake in revolutionizing Finnish culinary landscape in a place where ingredients are genuinely sourced from right outside the walls, from the forest, and the neighbors dance in carnivals until daybreak”, Kim says.


We show you the forest.

We invite you to experience Tahko’s new infinity. Your choices include delicacies of breakfast and lingering dinners. You may also pick Chef’s table upon reservation, which will offer your party an unforgettable dinner full of delicious smells and tastes.

November 2023

Wednesday – Friday 17 – 22
Saturdays 11 – 22


December 2023

Mondays 12 – 22
Tuesday – Saturday
 8 – 22
Sundays 8 – 14

Tahkonmäentie 335, 73310 Nilsiä

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